Dubai-Based Value-Added Distributor Offering Exclusive Digital Solutions And Cybersecurity Services

MapleStream Digital, a subsidiary of Global Electronics Solutions (GES), is your dedicated AI partner in the Middle East region. Leveraging GES’s legacy of excellence in the electronics sector since 2002, we are the specialized AI arm committed to empowering businesses with cutting-edge AI solutions while providing a wide range of digital and hardware solutions to meet all your technology needs.

Digital Solutions

  • AI Chatbots
  • OCR Solutions
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Cybersecurity

Hardware Solutions

  • Value reseller of world-class brands
  • Comprehensive hardware solutions
  • Competitive market prices

Consulting and Big Data

  • Customized AI Strategies
  • AI Strategy & Roadmap
  • Comprehensive Analytics and Transformation
Digital Workspace Solutions

Our revolutionary solutions provides flexible working environment enabling security, interoperability and adaptability of data flow.

Cybersecurity Advisory Services

Our robust cybersecurity measures safeguard sensitive data, protect intellectual property, and performs thorough security audits leading to greater transparency.

IOT and OT Cybersecurity Services

Our state-of-the-art threat detection mechanisms ensure highest level of data protection against cyber attacks and risks with accurate and real-time threat intelligence


  • Cater services from diverse fields of technology to serving key industries such as Energy, Healthcare, Banking, Manufacturing.
  • Deliver customized solutions that drive growth and ROI
  • Expert in building transparent relationships and resolutions
  • Facilitate reliable software development and automation
  • Committed to adding value and delivering measurable results


  • Ongoing and unparallel support to meet business requirements
  • Exceptional knowledge base and work experience of our team
  • Reliable processes that enable security, integrity, and confidentiality
  • Gain valuable insights helping in decision making and growth
  • Strong cybersecurity solutions to protect resources and operations

MapleStream Digital is your trusted partner on the path to digital success. Join us as we navigate the ever-changing digital landscape, harnessing technology to unlock new possibilities, and achieve sustainable growth.

Design The Web In Your Image

  • Established presence in key regions of the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia.
  • Specialization in providing Digital Solutions and Cybersecurity Services.
  • Ability to deliver measurable business value to clients.
  • Focus on serving Strategic Partners in key industries, including Manufacturing, Banking, Telecommunications, Energy, Healthcare, and Government.
  • A commitment to going beyond traditional Value-Added Distributor services to provide comprehensive technology solutions.


Digital transformations made easy with RPA solutions to streamline operations, IOT for smart production, cybersecurity solutions for data protection and privacy, digital transformation for effective and efficient productivity, and artificial intelligence for advanced analytics.



Unlock future of digital banking with advanced retail and wealth management, robust corporate banking, accelerated financial management services, and intelligent automation and document processes of investment banking, and automated application management.



Integrate broad range of digital solutions with streamlined administration for people and processes,, mobile healthcare to deliver care at every touchpoint, and protecting privacy and confidentiality of patient care.



Reshaping learning landscape and expanding opportunities to grow for every child and youth with interactive teaching, engaging educational content and best possible learning outcomes.



Digitally integrated technologies to respond effectively to oil and gas price volatility and efficiently manage electricity generation, transmission and distribution through complex grids and generators.



Pioneering connectivity solutions with amplified network performance, 5G revolution, application integration, and intelligent automation.

Growth & Success – our driving force

We continuously help businesses to innovate by exploring new trends and technologies, following industry-based guidelines, and inspirating others towards best solutions.


Our digital transformative platform can help in reforming and reshaping legacy systems and channelizing wide range of resources and services.

Digital ID

Our identity verification solutions can help in swiftly installing advanced computer vision and machine learning algorithms to restrict unauthorized access
Data and Analytics

Understand the role of data and analytics, get valuable insights, and make better decisions

Zero Trust Security

Robust security mechanisms to identify vulnerabilities, take timely actions, and safeguard data.

Digital Transformation

Seamlessly integrate modern technological solutions for better customer experience.

Artificial Intelligence

Harness the potential of machine learning, natural language processing, and automation.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Revolutionize operations with power of IoT, connecting devices, and actionable intelligence.


Reliable software development, promoting collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement.

Robotic Process Automation

Optimizing resources by automating repetitive and tedious time-consuming tasks

Guide & Grow together – with our uniqueness & key strengths

We guide, build, secure, and grow with businesses. We make continuous effort in guiding the businesses to make better decisions, help in building resources and infrastructure, manage data stream security, and grow together collectively.