Driving Cutting-Edge Digital Workspace Solutions

LEANEA is a transformative workspace platform reshaping IT departments and delivering a wide range of resources and services to internal and external employees. With LEANEA, businesses can create a secure and streamlined workspace environment, empowering employees to collaborate and work efficiently from any location and device.

Bringing Resources And Identities Together

With LEANEA, organizations can establish a real-time working environment that transcends geographical boundaries and device limitations. With a single sign-on, employees gain access to a comprehensive range of resources, including operating systems, applications, desktops, devices, endpoints, folders, and files, enabling seamless productivity and collaboration.

Revolutionizing Digital Workspace

With LEANEA, experience the power of transformation by effortlessly transitioning workspace IT environment, increasing user satisfaction, and strengthening digital security measures.

For Businesses:

Seamlessly, integrate digital workspace into existing IT environment

Simplifying complex processes with a low-code intelligent workflow engine

Efficiently centralize and secure management of all critical resources

Conveniently harness integration of IAM (Identity and Access Management), SSO (Single Sign-On), and VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Implementing maximum security with a Zero-Trust approach to safeguard your digital assets

For Users:

Flexibility in providing a safe work environment meeting the organization’s needs.

Accessibility of resources from anywhere, enabling seamless collaboration and productivity.

Flawlessly integrate endpoints and devices ensuring compatibility and convenience

Effortlessly experience the ease of use with an intuitive Self-Service Portal

Streamlining resources and operations with Zero-Touch capabilities.

Main Components Of LEANEA

Harmony Layer

  • Serves as an Integration Hub, integrating diverse tools and applications in the LEANEA architecture.
  • Enables seamless communication, coordination, and automation between applications, facilitating real-time data exchange.
  • Establishes faultless connections between internal, external systems, and third-party tools.

Maestro Layer

  • Acts as an Intelligence Automation layer and central hub that efficiently processes and orchestrates data flow, automates routine tasks, and enhances system performance.
  • Leverages machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.
  • Combines advanced data analysis and processing capabilities.

Symphonies Layer

  • Works as a microservice layer, responsible for coordinating and managing the different microservices.
  • Facilitates real-time data exchange and real-time automation.
  • Quantifies scalability and flexibility within the system.

Transform & Reshape – streamlined digital workplace

With our extensive integration and collaborative solutions, businesses can empower employees to work efficiently and effectively from any device and anywhere