Data Analytics Consulting

“We believe that business don’t have analytics problems, but rather business problems that analytics can solve”

We, at the MapleStream Digital, offer Data Analytics consulting services that enable our clients to gain a competitive edge through our data-driven services. We design and implement robust enterprise data management strategies and data warehouse builds that ensure the security, accuracy and reliability of our clients’ data. We expertise in transforming and operationalizing analytics, so that our clients can proactively respond to customer needs, build confidence, and make better decisions.

Our Approach

Implement Data Warehousing Strategy

Provide end-to-end support across the data warehouse lifecycle, delivering actionable insights

Innovative Big Data Solutions

Help leverage the latest big data paradigms, realizing strategies and implementing real-world ventures

Social Media Sentiment Analysis

Study social media attitudes of business, improving brand image, marketing strategy, campaigns, and customer service

Scalable Machine Learning

Deliver ML solutions at scale, using a range of techniques from decision trees to Bayesian networks.

Our approach
Streamlined Data Integration

Integrate structured and unstructured data from online and offline systems, enabling quick addition of new data feeds

Efficient Data Prioritization

Develop data quality framework tailored to business needs, increasing the reliability and accuracy of data insights

Intuitive Data Visualization
Build intuitive and easy to understand dashboards and reporting tools for gaining valuable insights.
Advanced Cognitive Processing
Create customized solutions using deep expertise in cognitive and NLP to meet customer’s needs and drive business growth

Intelligent & Informative – concept driven analytics

With our data-driven expertise, businesses can truly transform data into strategic asset by solving challenges, seizing opportunities, and sparking innovative growth.